Track Purchase

How Does 20five40 Work?

We Partner With Local Businesses

A combination of our patent pending software and partnerships created with Local Businesses (Suppliers) gives you the freedom and convenience to securely buy their goods and/or services, for someone in need, directly through our platform.

Not only does this help individuals and families in your local community, it also helps grow your local economy by supporting local businesses. A win win!

We Partner With Local Charitable Organizations

Charitable Organizations we partner with become “Voucher Distribution Partners”. They vet and approve individuals (or families) to be voucher recipients for the items purchased through our platform.

Our voucher system software has proprietorial aspects which prevents vouchers from being used by anyone other than the person it was issued to.

We Provide Transparency, Tracking, and Accounting

  • Each item purchased is assigned a tracking number which provides a real time status of a purchase. Purchasers get automatic updates of their purchase status as it happens in real time. For example, when a purchase is assigned to a Charitable Organization, we'll email those details. When a purchase is issued to a recipient, we'll email those details. And finally, when a purchase is redeemed, we'll email those details.
  • Local Businesses, Charitable Organizations, and Purchasers each get a customized profile with an easy to use dashboard which keeps track of every item, every transaction, every voucher, recipient details, etc. All data is exportable and printable for record keeping convenience.